D&D Tales

The Pirate Captain

The cave was loud with laughter and singing. Light from flickering torches caused piles of gold, jewels, and precious metals to shimmer and sparkle as they lay in great heaps around the cavern. In the center of the room next to a bonfire, with a rowdy crew encircling him, stood Captain ‘Mad’ Weaver Aries. He was leading them in a raucous song, a full tankard in one hand, and a trident in the other. His hair was long and black, his horns curved back around his ears like a goat, not too unusual for a Tiefling. He was shirtless, aside from a long leather coat, tattoos and scars covering every inch of deep red skin. A brace of pistols were tucked into his brown baggy pants. In place of one of his eyes was a glowing yellow gem, and his one good eye was nearly the same color yellow. His crew was adorned with all the jewelry they could wear, just as he was. Multiple necklaces, at least two rings to a finger, bracelets, and earrings jingled with every movement. They sang and shouted with him, in between bites of food and alcoholic drink. As midnight approached Weaver Aries called the crew to order, leading them in the finale of the festivities singing the last verse of their new song.
“Remember this lads, else ya won’t be back!”

Run north from the town now a ho away
Orlau is cowering in their beds boys ey hey away
Follow the statue star now away boys hey
Mountains ain’t for sailing men now a ho away
Past the siren call we’ll go boys ey hey away
Ain’t no lassie gonna stop our greed now away boys hey
Port on the spire and a sailors moon now a ho away
Wait fer low tide fore you row boys ey hey away
Treasure waits in the old cave ruin now away boys hey

As the last ‘hey’ faded off Captain Weaver Aries dropped his trident, pulled out a pistol and shot himself in the head.

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