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This page contains biographical information on the various characters I have or am currently playing in D&D

Current Character:

None Currently. As I am the current DM of a campaign.

Past Characters:

Art commissioned from brindle

Mirror Tree
Male Tabaxi Monk
Age: 28, 6’6″, 216lbs
Deep blue eyes, golden amber fur with cream colored underbelly.
D&D 5E -Survived Tomb of Annihilation
Final Status: Leader of the Company of the Yellow Banner, proud owner of a small castle, and keeper of Feathers the Axebeak.

   Mirror Tree (Mir for short), is, by Tabaxi standards (he says), the absolute peak of physical beauty and perfection. Upon venturing into the world, he was dismayed that he wasn’t recognized as a golden god -because nobody cares what a Tabaxi looks like other than the majority of people who have never seen one before. It became his goal to prove his beauty and worth to the world.
Due to a natural predilection for shiny things, he figured becoming associated with great and rare artifacts would give him the recognition he so richly deserved. To this end, he joined an (totally honest, I swear) organization called The Huntsman’s Emporium of Interesting Findings and Salvage. This organization ‘worked with museums to reclaim lost items, knowledge, artifacts, and relics’.

Thinking is for other people, he prefers action. He gets bored easily, and is constantly wondering when he will achieve his destiny.
Destiny. Nothing and no one can steer him away from his higher calling (this higher calling being recognized and revered for being the pinnacle of physical perfection). Sincerity. There’s no good in pretending to be something he’s not. He firmly believes he’s peak perfection in Tabaxi form.
He has a minor phobia of water and hates getting wet. He may have a weakness for the vices of the city, especially hard drink and his tail always betrays his inner thoughts.

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Old Characters In Memoriam:
(I never took notes with these characters)

Inan Osir, Death Cleric (level 22) – fate unknown. Acquired Talisman of Ultimate Evil and was turned into npc boss after banishing party member to one of the layers of hell in self-defense in the World’s Largest Dungeon Campaign (D&D 3.5).
Corridan, Paladin/Divine Emissary (level 25) – Alive. Survived the World’s Largest Dungeon Campaign (D&D 3.5).
Daryn Nailo, Ranger/Wizard (level 21) – Deceased. World’s Largest Dungeon Campaign (D&D 3.5).
Adaniir, Monk (level 14) – Deceased. Accidentally killed during party infighting in the World’s Largest Dungeon Campaign (D&D 3.5).
Thoretor Silentread, Ranger (level 4) – Fate unknown. unfinished underdark campaign. (D&D 4E)
Foddaem Barrelforged, Sorcerer (level 2) – Deceased. died in an underdark campaign. (D&D 4E)
Araliki the Aarakocra, Sorcerer (level 2) – Alive. unfinished campaign (Curse of Strahd) (D&D 5E)
Ronlan, Cleric (level 4) – Fate unknown. I don’t remember the campaign.
Marach, Bard (level 2) – Fate unknown. I don’t remember the campaign.

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