Mirror Tree's Log

Mirror Tree’s Log I

This is the ‘Journal’ of one Tabaxi Monk named Mirror Tree (really it’s D&D campaign notes for my character from his perspective)

-I have garnered quite the reputation and caught the attention of a merchant and retired adventurer named Syndra Silvane. She wanted me to explore Chult and discover the source of a curse.

-spent 5 gold to get a song sung about me by a terrible minstrel after we teleported into Port Nyanzaru (my brother would have been so much better).

-I wandered the warf and bought a fish for 5 silver. Apparently the warlock and wizard had nothing better to do and tagged along with me. I don’t mind, because I get to pretend they’re my retinue.

-learned of a ruined city from a fishmonger, up the river Tath. Ruins guarded by naga, may or may not be friendly. Ruins are always good for garnering tales and making names.

-Hired two humans (Faroul, and Gondolo) and a triceratops. Some fool also hired the two Tabaxi guides. Now I have to put in even more effort to show everyone that I’m the better Tabaxi.

-Fought a Yuanti, and caught his arrow with minimal damage. slung a triceratops scale and hit one in the eye. Triceratops wasn’t happy, and made great haste to get away, left the Yuanti in the dust behind. I’m feeling a bit chilly, like I’m coming down with something.

-Got visited by some tiny shiny spirits during the night, tried to catch one and missed. They must have done something to make me feel better.

-Camp Righteous is empty. There was a dead guy in the latrine. Paladin is somewhat distraught. I never bothered telling the party about the dead guy. What kind of coward jumps headfirst into a latrine to get away from something?

-I befriended an axebeak bird. His name is Feathers. I befriended him mostly so I can ride him around.

-I snuck into an old temple. Dodging and avoiding traps and trickery, when I tried to ascend the steps in the final room I stepped on a trap and got electrocuted. Decided not to keep climbing, and good thing because the rest of the party looked like they also got shocked pretty badly somehow. The warlock did however grab the jug at the top, and tossed it to me. The whole room came down around us, but we all escaped the room. The jug contained delicious beer. Old lady wizard was knocked out from the electric shock, but she’s ok. She’s angry with me for some reason.

-There was a goblin that demanded the jug. The old lady demanded I hand it over, so to appease her, I drank as much as I could possibly drink while maintaining eye contact with the goblin, and tossed the jug at it. I feel I am going to be drunk very soon.

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