Mirror Tree's Log

Mirror Tree’s Log V

[This was a super short session.]

-We enter a room. There’s a pile of dead dwarves that have been reduced to ash. The Warlock disturbed the bodies. I punch a dwarven ghost straight in the face, killing it. I bet it didn’t expect my fists to be magical weapons. After killing it, I moved on and turned their most powerful ghost into an ectoplasmic punching bag.

-I grabbed a silver ingot from the forge. I think I can hire a jewelcrafter to make something beautiful about me with it. How legendary would it be to be decked out in not just thematic jewelry of my exploits, but made with the metal itself from those exploits?

-I saw a couple Kobolds on an edge above us. I sneaked up and pulled them over the edge and made them fall 15 feet into my party below. One of the kobolds died, the other was ‘convinced’ to show us the traps on the way down. He tried to get sneaky with one of the traps and mistimed things. He got squished by his own boulder trap.

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