Mirror Tree's Log

Mirror Tree’s Log XII (Finale)

Party Members:
Mirror Tree (Monk),  Essavelle Oakstaff (Wizard),  Nïx (Ranger),  Dolgram (Barbarian/Fighter).


-We have rested. After the rest we decided we should challenge the Beholder. We placed the necessary gems into their respective sockets and opened the vault door. My internal Deity Kobuzan told me to attack it. Seemed a wise choice so I did. It was, however, a fake. The real one was invisible next to the wall.

-I managed to slam the beholder into the wall, and pinned it there with the Rod of Immobility. The Wizard parked her Sphere of Annihilation on it, causing the beholder to go die very easily. The room was filled with treasures (3 gold masks, and a gold coronet worth 25k gold pieces). I wear the coronet because it’s awesome and I feel like a king. The wizard took an Orb of Force. Apparently the Orb doubles in number every few hours.

-We freed a devil and used her to open up one of the evil deities, who joined her. She agreed to help us fight the Lich in return for this. However, when we ran across a room that had a portal back to her plane of hell, she ditched us.

-We ventured down to the next level. Bloody words were on the ceiling down there. Something about awakening something or someone. However, we did find a control room. The wizard studied it for an hour but couldn’t figure it out. So I pressed the buttons and turned some knobs then pulled the lever. Floors moved, had to reset lever. Don’t use red knobs is the takeaway there.

-Found a servant Aboleth that can configure the rooms on this level from the control room. Using this, and his help we explored the area. Found the corpse we believe to be the leader of the previous group. He had six gems. We wound up using those six gems on a gargoyle to obtain the Eye of Zaltek. Which is a large Ruby gem worth a lot of gold. I think the Fighter took it.

-We come across an observatory that I hop into. I again fiddle with levers and buttons, and I see things beyond my imagination, and it truly expands my mind. I feel so much more intelligent for having seen what I saw. (+5 int).

-Encountered a golden mastadon. Ranger pulled a lever on top of the thing, and devils started to appear, and fire started pouring out of the mastadon’s mouth, as well as the thing started rotating around. A devil did manage to slash me pretty good. I had to quickly figure out how to put out the fire on my fur before things got out of hand. The devil that ditched us came through a portal, she definitely didn’t appear to intend to, and she was very unhappy about being back in this place. I finished her off with a Quivering Palm. The Fighter got a nice chalice.

-The servant Aboleth tells us of a legendary creature on this level that had yet to be placed in a trap. We go investigate, but decide it wasn’t really worth it. So we go down to the final level of the tomb.

-On the last level we meet our mangy doppelgangers. Apparently that’s how the lich and others were keeping track of us since they knew everything we did. I ate boar, and it was great (STR Adv. next 24hrs), and I get three spell scrolls. A trio of Hags came after us, and killed our doppelgangers. They were ethereal, which I discovered when I used one of the spell scrolls on them. However, with the Wizard’s help we defeated the Hags. Took one prisoner and she told us all about this last place, the Soulmonger, and the baby god in the next room.

-We ventured into the next room, and I broke the Soulmonger device and saved the world. Then I had to fight the very angry baby god, and it too died when the Wizard hit it with a more than a dozen Orbs of Force all at once. Then the Lich showed up. It was a very tough battle but we were on the verge of defeating him when he teleported away. I hope my Quivering Palm technique finished off his body and returned him to his phylactery. We’ll never know.


-We didn’t save Syndra Silvermane, we were too late and the soulmonger ate her soul. There will be a state funeral sometime soon. However, word of what we did still spread far and wide. Riches and fame are mine, like they were always meant to be.

-I own a castle now. It was given to me for my part in saving the world from death curse. Feathers stays in the stable. I have a throne of gold. And the nearby countryside sing my praises. The mountain of riches I walked out of that temple with, as well as my share of what was in the Heart of Ubtau will keep me rich for the rest of my life, even if I do nothing. However, I’m not doing nothing, I am leader of the Company of the Yellow Banner, they made me their leader after they heard about what happened to their previous one and how important I was in lifting the curse. Red Wizards try to keep up to date on me, and occasionally try to kill me. The fools. Oh the kobold traders took over Omu and turned it into a trade hub. I thought that was pretty hilarious.

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