Mirror Tree's Log

Mirror Tree’s Log XI

Party Members:
Mirror Tree (Monk),  Essavelle Oakstaff (Wizard),  Nïx (Ranger),  Dolgram (Barbarian/Fighter).

-Deeper into this dungeon we go. We found a thing that we think is Acerak’s Scepter. A few undead were wandering around, blind and drawing on walls. Looks like they had painted the fate of the previous adventuring party before us, and had started painting our arrival to the tomb. I spent a bit of time trying to get them to stop, and ultimately just tied them together with a rope. All the weird stuff going on in here, all I know what they draw may happen or something.

-As I was doing this the others found a secret room. Turns out it was Queen Napaka’s remains in there. There was an iron scepter in there, which we deduced would be required to hold Acerak’s scepter. With a little nudge from my bro Kubazan, I take the scepter and test the hypothesis by grabbing Acerak’s. Suddenly I feel like I’m a little more invincible [gain +50hp while in control of both scepters].

-Entering another room, we set off some traps, and now a giant round boulder drops down the only entrance to the room every 15 seconds, and dissolves in a pit of acid at the bottom. Turns out this room was the tomb of Unkh, who the Wizard took. In return Unkh gave her a robe of shifting colors. There were some brightly colored doors in this room, and using the key the Ranger had we opened them. I got a Kubazan statue (Charm of the Swollen Hag), now I can spit up a frog that I can communicate and control every so often. I aalso pick up a cat statue (Charm of Nine Lives), I suddenly feel like I’m going to be absolutely fine [prevents death, upon reaching 0hp, brings you to 1hp. Can happen nine times].

-In another room there are gargoyle statues with slots for what look like coins. I stuck a few in and got a ticket with my face on it. No idea what that’s for. But it has my face so it has to be good.

-We nearly suffocated in a trap. We managed to escape it, but the Wizard turned to stone.  None of us know how to fix that, so we’re just dragging her around now.

-In a large open room filled with a terracotta army, we were mildly puzzled about how to get through to the sarcophagus without activating the army (they started moving to attack whenever we got near them). Then the Ranger activated her trinket and walked through unharmed. She says she’s invulnerable to bludgeoning and piercing damage for a long time. She took the god Shaganbi as well.

-Some serious shit went down. The Ranger got stuck in a mirror. Found out a little more about the old city’s people. And ultimately the Barbarian had to activate his trinket, which was a single use Wish spell. We rewound time to before the Wizard turned to stone, and the Barbarian and I kept our memories so we knew exactly what to do and avoid. I don’t ever want to do that again.

-Retraced our steps, this time avoiding traps and solving things the right way the first time.

-we found the Crown that the Yuan-ti wanted. I smashed it, turning it into a Sphere of Annihilation that started following me around. The Wizard took control of the thing. Could prove useful.

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