Mirror Tree's Log

Mirror Tree’s Log III

Xavzaren hired River Mist and Flask of Wine, two Tabaxi also as guides to screw with Mirror Tree. They are currently paying Mir 5 silver a day for use of Feathers as a carrier for the giant turtle shell.
Inete is a human acolyte of Savras and has pointed us toward where we need to go.


-We have pushed through the night to get to Vorn. Camp Vengeance is in dire need of what help we can provide from the thing at this place. The paladin is tired, probably from all that armor.
-We saw some veggie pygmies.
-We came upon a giant shield guardian at Vorn. The locals seem to have been worshiping it. Apparently it needs to have a key to use. Local footpatter goes north.
-Tried to sneak north, noticed a dead guy along the side of the path. Ignored it and continued on.
-Passed a skittish goblin group, two of which appeared to be carrying a sacrifice toward the Shield Guardian. The third had a spear and was apparently leading them. I let them go by and continued toward the goblin camp.

-We got ambushed by human cannibals. Stupid guides couldn’t keep watch. Flask of Wine took the brunt of the ambush. I leapt from my perch in the tree and ripped the nearest one to pieces.
-The Paladin may have had a little to do with his death, but probably not. Warlock obliterated the rest of them, with an explosion of sound. I, being a strong Tabaxi, was just fine in the wave of sound.

-Apparently there were some pygmy dwarves that were going to ambush us, we built our camp on top of them. but after they saw what we did with the cannibals they fled.
-We rested well the rest of the evening and continued on toward the camp the next morning.

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