Mirror Tree's Log

Mirror Tree’s Log IV

Xavzaren hired River Mist and Flask of Wine, two Tabaxi also as guides to screw with Mirror Tree. They are currently paying Mir 5 silver a day for use of Feathers as a carrier for the giant turtle shell.
Inete is a human acolyte of Savras and has pointed us toward where we need to go.
Faroul and Gondolo are two guides and had a Triceratops. They now owe me 1000 gold, payable on their return to the Port.


-We arrived at the goblin camp. The goblins were waiting for us, surrounding us in a semi circle. The goblin queen had an amulet that said ‘Vorn’ on it. I notice prisoners in the corner, one a female half elf, and Faroul and Gondolo. Alas their Triceratops was nothing but bone. I guess they got waylaid on their way out of the jungle. There’s also a man in a cage that is atop a tree bent down in what can only be described as a makeshift catapult. He’s trying to be very still so as not to accidentally set it off.

-Apparently the goblins are friends with fire ants, as these ants (about the size of a tiny dog) have a colony here and seem to do no harm to them.
-As the Paladin and Wizard try to negotiate with the goblins, I sneak away in the bushes. I just knew there was going to be trouble, so I went to rescue the half elf lady. I also rescued the guides because they offered me 1000 gold if they got back to the port safely. None of the goblins noticed. They were however getting agitated at the Paladin’s antics.

-Realizing that negotiations were failing, I jumped at the nearest goblin from the bushes and tore into him. Blood went everywhere. A chicken went flying. Dunno how it wound up being in the tree catapult and not the man, but whatever. Fire ants went wild because of blood(?) and engulfed my goblin, utterly consuming it. I grab another goblin, and slam him into the ant pile. He tries to escape, and I grab him and hold him down until the ants have killed him. After that, all the other goblins and the goblin queen have been killed by the rest of the party, so I decide to take care of these ants and start stomping down until they run away.

-The guy in the catapult cage is named Reno. He’s a long winded archaeologist. Apparently long ago a god named Ubtau built the place, but was usurped by trickster gods or something. The Ranger I rescued proved very adept at killing goblins so we let her join our party. I think her name is Nix?

-With the amulet in our control we went back to the golem where the Wizard started doing her thing with it and the amulet. I went off to track down the two guides who are going to owe me money when they get back to port. Naturally they got lost and I had to guide them back. Useless guides if you ask me. But 1000 gold is 1000 gold. The mage managed to activate the golem and now it follows her command.

-Made it back to Camp Vengeance without any issue. Nobody wants to mess with a giant war golem. The Paladin’s order was there and making the place properly defensible. The person who was sent back to port with money also returned with supplies and mercenaries. The golem was used to enhance the fort’s defenses and is now set to stand guard, protecting the people in the camp.

-We head south toward the large basin. It’s easy going, no undead or anything to worry about. Fairly peaceful and quiet. We saw the Heart of Ubtau floating about fifty miles away and made our way to it. When we got there some woman cast arcane gateway to let us in, which was nice. Her name is Archmage Veletra and she’s been searching for the Soulmonger relic too so she can contain it. She thinks the Heart of Ubtau can be revived by using the heart of a red dragon. I kinda want to kill a red dragon.

-Actually, I really want to kill a red dragon. imagine the fame and fortune one could get from accomplishing such a feat. The rest of the party was convinced this is the right thing to do, and the Archmage teleported us all to the entrance of the mine the dragon is located in. Apparently there are very large fire ants, red wizards, and who knows what else inside this thing.

-We took a mine cart down into the mine. It started going too fast and the brakes broke off. We careened down the rest of the tunnel at high speed until we plowed through an embankment and the mine cart fell into a pit. I launched myself out of the mine cart midair and landed easily on my feet. The others wound up safely one way or the other. We all regrouped and went deeper into the mines.

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