Mirror Tree's Log

Mirror Tree’s Log IX

Important NPCs:
 hired River Mist and Flask of Wine, two Tabaxi also as guides to screw with Mirror Tree. They are currently paying Mir 5 silver a day for use of Feathers as a carrier for the giant turtle shell.
Inete is a human acolyte of Savras and has pointed us toward where we need to go.
Valetra is an archmage who is studying the Heart of Ubtao.
Faroul and Gondolo are two guides and had a Triceratops. They now owe Mir 1000 gold, payable on their return to the Port.
Party Members: Mirror Tree (Monk), Essavelle Oakstaff (Wizard), Gerrard (Paladin, player wasn’t at this session), Nïx (Ranger), Dolgram (Barbarian/Fighter).


-The head of the princess came back while we were sleeping at the entrance to the tomb. We got the mage to dispel the thing, which made it go silent and stop hurling fireballs. I hurled it outside the tomb and closed the entrance to the tomb. It won’t bother us anymore, and it’s now someone else’s problem.

-We ventured back into the tomb. The dwarf stepped on a pressure plate and slipped down the floor and into the gigantic fan/propeller thing. He got bumped around a bit and spit out the other side. I managed to crawl along the wall to it and pull the lever to reset the mechanism. While we tried to figure out how to get over there, the mage cast a spell and simply vanished. With just the ranger and me, the ranger clambered on my back and I tried to launch through the blades once the trap activated again. She leaped off my back to avoid a fan blade. This made me hit the blade and take a couple really good hits before falling through. I had to meditate a bit to heal up.

-We made it to Wongo’s Tomb.

-Inside the tomb was an onyx, rust, and silver casket in addition to his sarcophagus that had a button whose color corresponded to a casket. Found that there were golden keys that could be turned from inside the casket. So I got into the silver one and turned the key. I nearly froze solid. The Ranger got into the other two. Lost all the metal on her, and took a big hit. But she’s fine. The sarcophagus had an immovable rod, so I had to grab it. Wongo tried to possess me, but  I am too much in control of myself. So that bastard disappeared. We rigged the immovable rod to get through the big fanblades. This thing is gonna be incredibly useful.

-We ran into the Wizard again. She was freaked out and said not to try teleporting. Bad things happen I guess.

-We find a hole into the Tomb of Ijin. I rappel down the hole and look around. Tons of symbols on the ground and a dead dwarf. Got +500 worth of small diamonds, and 2 Crystal Eyes from a dead cleric. Couldn’t figure out the puzzle, so I left.

-Found a dead half goat wizard with a staff. There was a weird gravity hallway thing. I grabbed his journal and a staff. I couldn’t let the staff go, and our Wizard said it was cursed. She was able to dispel the curse. It’s now just a Staff of Striking. I give it to her, just in case.

-I walked into a room. There was an empty casket there, with four gigantic gargoyles in it. Out of their mouths wine started to pour. Couldn’t find a way out until the room was full, and I could swim through the gargoyle mouths. After the second one I got lucky and found an exit. Shortly after I exited, the wine drained away. I found myself in the Tomb of Nangnang. There was a pentagram surrounding the sarcophagus, and something huge and invisible stomping around inside. I know better than to disturb the circle and leave, heading back to the group.

-We ran into some Hall Guardians. I beat one down, the party deals with the other. Ranger collects the magic chain that was binding the two. At the end of the hall, I almost got charmed and decapitated. But my wits are too sharp. The ranger got some glasses of Detect Magic.

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