Mirror Tree's Log

Mirror Tree’s Log X

Party Members: Mirror Tree (Monk), Essavelle Oakstaff (Wizard), Gerrard (Paladin, player wasn’t at this session), Nïx (Ranger), Dolgram (Barbarian/Fighter).


-We enter a tomb of Kubazan. Fought some wraiths, but figured out the puzzle. I accept Kubazan into my mind, he seems a pretty good fit. A real go getter he is.

-We enter a hall with a waterfall and weapons that are hanging on the walls, with murals of different creatures behind them. The riddle suggested grabbing a weapon to get through, so I grabbed a blowgun and tried. Failed, but we soon discovered Tridents are the way to go.

-There was a room with a mirror of me in it. The wizard said that I should try to make my mirror drink from the fountain. So we did. The Wizard and Ranger collapsed unconscious though. Inside the now empty fountain was an orange crystal eye. We rested there to heal.

-While leading the group in a very tight passageway, a trap was triggered and I got stuck when the passageway shifted and went down. Thankfully the rest of the party figured out how to get me out. After that we entered Ijin’s tomb. They used me step on blocks to solve the riddle, because I’m the best at nimbly jumping around. After solving the riddle, the Ranger took Ijin into her mind, and gave a magical horn to the Wizard.

-We came across a huge room with multiple platforms over a seemingly endless pit. At the other side was a gargoyle. Kubazan felt it was best to try to make it to the other side as fast as possible, while the Ranger pulled a lever next to us. So I did. Jumping platforms is super easily, and with a little extra effort, I was able to easily cross the distance in next to no time at all. Turns out the lever caused some magical wind that paralyzed the Ranger and knocked the Wizard unconscious (again). I grabbed the two crystal eyes in the gargoyle’s hand and the ranger eventually was able to reset the lever. Was a bit frightened for a bit.

-Continuing on, there was a gold plated skull with two more crystals in his eyes. I pulled them out, for which the skull thanked me. It’s name was Yaka. He wants revenge against the leader of the Tomb Guardians called Wither. We obliged his request and we went and found him in his office. Turns out Wither is made of hands. But such things were no issue for me to handle and they were soon dispatched. Wither hand a journal, a spellbook belonging to a certain Camora Blackfire, and a tome about how to make clay golems. And finally a control gem that controls something, but we’re not sure what.

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