Solethania Kingdoms: Kingdom of Ailech

Location: Northern Marcinia

Current Ruler: King Cuan the Sage (Age 18) of House Kaeivar, son of the late King Conghalach.

Noble Houses:

  • House Kaeivar, led by King Cuan the Sage (Age 18), son of King Conghalach, and has no children.
  • House Celos, led by Countess Féthnat (Age 39) daughter of Count Ruairí. Her two children are Flann and Aodhamair (Ages 8 and 1).
  • House Betan, led by Countess Sadhbh (Age 25), daughter of Count Dubhán. Her only child is Niall (Age 6).
  • House Alphus, led by Duke Feichín (Age 12), son of Duke Uaithne.
  • House Gammris, led by Count Eachaidh (Age 20), son of Count Deaglán, He has no children.
  • House Nautus, is led by Count Affraic (Age 34), Son of Countess Brónach. His two children are Cúmhaighe and Éibhear (Ages 12 and 10)

List of major Cities and Towns:

  • Aspenreach (pop: 6800). Seat of House Kaeivar
  • Abercaster (pop: 4104). Seat of House Celos
  • Burnmouth (pop: 1828). Seat of House Nautus
  • Kyleceter (pop: 4478). Seat of House Gammris
  • Blackdhu (pop: 1980). Seat of House Betan
  • Ecclesfoss (pop: 2583). Seat of House Alphus

Standing Monuments

  • Monument of Caitlín (820 years standing). Located in Abercaster.
  • Colossus of Aislin (776 years standing). Located in Burnmouth.
  • Palace of Toirleach (766 years standing). Located in Aspenreach.
  • Fortress of Conchubhar (224 years standing). Located in Blackdhu.
  • Fortress of Aoibheann (39 years standing). Located in Kyleceter.


  • Statue of Meidhbhín (stood for 56 years). Located near Abercaster.
  • Library of Umos(stood 460 years, destroyed by arson). Located in Kyleceter.
  • Monument of Eachann (stood 389 years, destroyed by earthquake). Located near Blackdhu.
  • Tower of Eibhlín (stood 44 years, destroyed by warfare). Located near Aspenreach.
  • Lighthouse of Cliodhna (stood 820 years, destroyed in an uprising). Located on an island near Aspenreach.
  • Arch of Muireann (stood 511 years, abandoned). Located near Ecclesfoss.
  • Castle of Seachnasach (stood 259 years, destroyed by sabotage). Located near Burnmouth.
  • Fortress of Caitlín (lasted 448 years, destroyed in war). Located between Aspenreach and Ecclesfoss.
  • Monument of Raghnailt (stood 217 years, destroyed in an uprising). Located near Aspenreach.
  • Citadel of Feichín (lasted 331 years, destroyed by lightning). Located near Ecclesfoss.
  • Arch of Damháin (stood 462 years, abandoned and crumbling). Located near Kyleceter.
  • Palace of Nóirín (lasted 81 years, until destroyed by witchcraft). Located near Blackdhu.

Exports: Iron, Copper, Timber
Imports: Cotton, Hemp, Precious Crystal
Local Adventuring Group(s): The Aspensong, Cainneach’s Crew

Over eight hundred years old, Aspenreach is a human town ruled by King Cuan the Sage of House Kaeivar. The buildings and walls are formed of a white stone, carved of an ancient and ornate stonework. In the center of town is a high quality fountain, with five tigers carved standing alongside its outer rim. The mighty and ancient palace of Toirleach rises slightly above the town to the west.

Roughly six hundred years old, Ecclesfoss is a human town ruled by House Alphus, and run by the Fighter Aibhinn, a local noblewoman. Its buildings and walls are made up of a stark and bare wood. Nestled into the east of town is a dynamic silver statue of an Earl, depicted teaching to the town elders.

Roughly three hundred years old, Burnmouth is a human town ruled by the sorcerer Count Affraic, Patriarch of House Nautus. It is nestled deep in the forest at the foot of the mountains. Its buildings and walls are built from a soft local wood, giving it a wild, but comfortable feel. Somewhat hidden away in the north of town is an onyx fountain made with superior skill of a bear sitting at the center of the fountain, watching the town with an expression of deep sadness. The Colossus of Aislin juts out from the mountains to the east.

Roughly five hundred years old, Abercaster is a human town ruled by House Celos, and run by the Ranger Orla, also a noblewoman of the House. Abercaster’s buildings and walls are formed of a pricey brown clay, and in the center of town is a poetic brass fountain with two brass lions standing in its center. The Monument of Caitlín is located on the outskirts of town.

Roughly six hundred years old, Kyleceter is a human town ruled by the wizard Eachaidh, Leader of house Gammris. Its buildings and walls are raised up from a simple and local white clay. Placed in the center of town is a high quality beech statue of an ancient king, depicted watching a fox. The Fortress of Aoibheann is the newest major addition to Kyleceter, and has been carefully integrated into the town’s defensive systems.

Nearly eight hundred years old, this venerable old human town is ruled by the Rogue Sadbhe, Countess and leader of House Batan. The buildings and walls are a strong, but light wood. Just outside town to the east, an ancient and dynamic limestone fountain of six lions stands near a small river. Fortress of Conchubhar is located nearby, its squat imposing form standing at odds with the town and forest surroundings.

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