Mirror Tree's Log

Mirror Tree’s Log VII

Important NPCs:
 hired River Mist and Flask of Wine, two Tabaxi also as guides to screw with Mirror Tree. They are currently paying Mir 5 silver a day for use of Feathers as a carrier for the giant turtle shell.
Inete is a human acolyte of Savras and has pointed us toward where we need to go.
Valetra is an archmage who is studying the Heart of Ubtao.
Faroul and Gondolo are two guides and had a Triceratops. They now owe me 1000 gold, payable on their return to the Port.
Party Members: Mirror Tree (Monk), Essavelle Oakstaff (Wizard), Gerrard (Paladin, player wasn’t at this session), Nïx (Ranger), Dolgram (Barbarian/Fighter).


-We ran across some red wizards and mercenaries at a shrine. We ambushed them as they were trying to get into the shrine. I jumped one and tackled it down. Another tried to run, but was tackled by one of the prisoners they had. Local wildlife monkeys go nuts above us, it’s annoying. I killed the wizard and focused on the mercs behind me. The other wizard cast fireball, roasting mercs and prisoners. I dodged out of the way and the Fighter somehow managed to avoid it with his shield. I jumped on that wizard and made sure he’d never do that again.

-There was much talk about the cuniform and the various masks that looked into the shrine room. I kept hearing vulture, so I found that mask, looked through and said what I saw. I guess we needed to pour water on that part of the shrine, so I did so. Was offered the choice to get the puzzle cube: take it and curse my friends, or fight the shrine’s champions. Clearly the champions would be the better honor and tale, so I chose that.

-The champions screams are stupid, and I couldn’t move for most of the fight. When I could finally move I killed the last one and take the cube.

-That fight was terrible, so we decided we needed to rest. I feel much better in the morning. Had some odd dreams again.

-We were exploring the amphitheater and were attacked by big velociraptors who were on the roof of a tall building. I tried to pull one off the edge like I had the kobold a while ago. But it’s too big. I did eventually manage to punch it hard enough it fell of the edge and died on impact.

-The scuffle with the velociraptors woke the King of Feathers, a big T-Rex. I jumped on its back from the roof to wail on it. The tabaxi (Bag of Nails?) that has been hunting us showed up and started attacking the T-Rex. But then he attacked me! I caught his stupid arrow and threw it back in his general direction, hoping he’d take the hint. I was in the middle of fighting the T-Rex after all. If he didn’t take the hint, the Wizard fireballed him, and then the Ranger finished him off. Shows him right. The fight with King of Feathers continued on, and was finally brought down by the Fighter. The dead tabaxi had a sweet Cloak of Protection on him, which I took. I also took some of the plumage, a couple teeth, and a claw from the King of Feathers, maybe someone can do something to integrate it into my necklace.

-Our next rest we have more bad dreams. A dark figure is killing the 9 gods, and killed one. They’re in a line with me at the end. I have a feeling that in 8 days he’s going to be at me and bad things are going to happen.

-We ran across some merchant kobolds, run by a sorcerer kobold named Cakarol. We paid the kobolds 60gp to give us the supplies they had collected for the Red Wizards. For an additional 20gp we also bought the maps they had, detailing areas outside the city of Omu, including detailed map of Harkhammer, some miles away. We hatched a plan with the kobold, to start a gang war between the Red Wizards and the Yuan-ti, because they didn’t care for them either. We got a bunch of Red Wizard garb, and snuck into a Yuan-ti encampment. We killed a guard and used his blood to write ‘Death to Dendar’ (their snake god thing), and let the other guard run away to raise the alarm that Red Wizards were here.

-We found a room full of slaves and hydra eggs. We freed the slaves and fireballed the eggs. Then we escaped out the way we came in. Bringing down the tunnel behind us. I bet the Yuan-ti are pissed, and they have no clue it wasn’t Red Wizards. Our plan went off without a hitch. We gave the supplies bought from the kobolds to the freed slaves, which consisted of food, armors, and weapons and sent them on their way. Things are about to destabilize around the city in a hurry I think.

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