Mirror Tree's Log

Mirror Tree’s Log VI

Important NPCs:
hired River Mist and Flask of Wine, two Tabaxi also as guides to screw with Mirror Tree. They are currently paying Mir 5 silver a day for use of Feathers as a carrier for the giant turtle shell.
Inete is a human acolyte of Savras and has pointed us toward where we need to go.
Valetra is an archmage who is studying the Heart of Ubtao and sent us off looking for the heart of a red dragon.
Faroul and Gondolo are two guides and had a Triceratops. They now owe me 1000 gold, payable on their return to the Port.
Party Members: Mirror Tree (Monk), Essavelle Oakstaff (Wizard), Gerrard (Paladin), Nïx (Ranger).


-As we continued our trek down into the mine, we ran across a kobold nest. The kobolds were easily wiped out. I took a few eggs for breakfast tomorrow. The next group of kobolds were ready for us, hiding behind a wall of spikes. I launched myself over the spikes (misjudged a bit and got a little scraped up) and broke some of their necks and impaled one of them onto the spikes. The rest of the party cleaned up the rest of the group, and all the kobold women and children ran away out of the mine. Below us, the fight between the dragon and the red wizards was in full swing.

-Searching around the room we found an alcove that had three dwarven barrels of explosives in it. We rigged them up with rope and dropped it down onto the fight below, a spell from the Wizard ignited it. The explosion obliterated the red wizards and severely injured the dragon. Of course the dragon was severely pissed off, and definitely surprised. I had to run down a wall to get to the level of the dragon. The Paladin and I got into a brawl with it, while the wizard and warlock hit it from afar. It was a hard fight, but worth it. A tale of legends I think, and worthy of spreading my name and reputation. Though I was severely injured, after the dragon’s death I ran down the wall to inspect the hoard before the rest arrived.

-I picked out a beautiful gold necklace with a dragon design for myself and made myself a throne of the trove and waited for the rest to arrive. After going over the loot, I ran up and collected Feathers so we could load up the treasure in the turtle shell cart. total loot: 3,300 gold, 15,000 silver, 45,000 copper, a gold scabbard, 3 pieces of valuable dwarven art, my necklace, and a magical dwarven axe named Bob. We gave Bob to the Paladin I think.  The Warlock grabbed some random loot and disappeared. But that’s ok, we found a dwarf who was running from some pony sized fire ants. I think his name is Dolgram? He decides to join us in solving this resurrection issue. We collect the heart of the dragon.

-We rest and recuperate in the mines before heading back to the surface. My meditation leaves me feeling stronger, my understanding of my ki is such that I know I’m no longer susceptible to disease and poison. Fantastic for this jungle land.  The Wizard teleported us to the back to the Heart of Ubtao. We hand over the heart of the dragon, and the wizard Veletra began the ritual. It took 8 hours to complete, so I unloaded the Feather’s turtle shell and cooked those kobold eggs. They were delicious. During the night though, we all had some weird dreams. After Valetra got the heart installed, the Heart of Ubtao changed, the tree taking on an eternally burning aspect. Leaves are bouts of flame and all that. looks cool. There’s also runes of the 9 trickster gods. Valetra can now drive this thing around, and we’re now on our way down to the city of Omu.

-Found some graffiti at the entrance, the rest of the party got into a boring conversation about it so I scouted around.  Found a scribe that had been abandoned by Red Wizards. He was bad off. Rest of the party healed him up a bit. He gave us information about the Red Wizards in the area, as well as the Yuan Ti roaming around, apparently Raznisi or whatever is still alive and roaming around but suffering from resurrection sickness. The scribe also told us how we need to have 9 puzzle cubes to open the tomb of the dead trickster gods. Red Wizards have 2, they think they have three but one is a fake. Scribe gave us the one that was replaced by a fake.

-We decided to hit up the shrines the Red Wizards hadn’t gotten to yet, to try to get most of the puzzle boxes first. We ran across a Tabaxi who has apparently been hunting Yuan Ti. Later he made it apparent he’s going to start hunting us, from an arrow fired from what must have been a great distance. First shrine we attempted was called the Engines Shrine. Bunch of unicorn bunnies around. I walk across stones in a specific way and get to the puzzle cube. The hunter collects a unicorn bunny for a pet. We continue down the main pathway and find a tablet that detailed a little about the history of the city.

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