Solethania Lore: The Currency

The Litia is a global currency. Known by many different names, it is a simple and powerful coinage. Due to the sheer prevalence of powerful magic users, traditional metal-based currency does not work a system for trade anymore. Instead, the Litia contains the physical minimum of raw magic that can maintain form, contained within a magical gem, set into a thin copper disc.

Therefore the value of the coin, is the value of that unit of raw magic, and is something that cannot be counterfeit, as the cost of creating a false coin is greater than the cost of making a new one. Larger denominations of the Litia may be susceptible to counterfeiting, however the standardization and ubiquitousness of the coin has made such attempts the realm of state endeavors.

It is generally considered that 1 Litia is, on average, the equivalent to a quarter of a day’s work of unskilled labor.

While anyone can learn to become a Minter, it is a difficult and tedious task in the beginning, and being able to generate money tends to make one a prime target for people in power, or who aspire to be in power. Most Minters work directly for the State or State equivalent power, though powerful guilds and factions often make use of their own Minters.

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